Why Are You Not Winning In Paintball?

Paintball requires tactics and strategies that help the teams to overcome their opponents. Mere good aiming skills cannot help you win the games. If you have been feeling frustrated after losing several games in paintball and do not know where you went wrong, these points will help you out. When the match is on, it is all about winning the game and conquering the enemy territory. There is no looking back once the game is on. Here are some key paintball tips that you need to win every game.

Why Are You Not Winning In Paintball?



One reason why your team is not performing can be a lack of planning. When you do not have a plan, you cannot expect to outdo your opponents who may actually have a plan. Your plan will take your team on a guided path while following the rules and using everything available for your advantage.


Most losing teams find lack of communication as a major reason for their downfall. This usually happens when players do not have much map knowledge or do not know each other in the team. Always remember to have solid communication with your team members at all times. It will help you know the enemy positions and also the status of your own team.

Element of surprise

Paintball is similar to many fps games on the computer. You need to outdo your opponents in every match, which is not possible unless you can keep thinking of new ways. It is important to always keep an element of surprise for your opponents so you can catch them off-guard. If you have the same team playing against you, you must keep enough tricks in your pocket to surprise them in every match.

Keep it simple

While you keep creating new ways to defeat your opponents, they may not work every time. Your basic skills and knowledge about the game are also important for your win. Do not overdo your tactics if it causes damage to your team’s information. It is important to understand your team players before you can create a plan together. Until then, you can keep it simple.

Keep calm

Tilt is a major reason why many players start making stupid decisions and keep losing their matches. Paintball requires a cool head as it also helps you in aiming better. If you are frustrated and angry, your decision-making will reduce. It will put your opponents at an advantage. Instead of getting angry at your team and opponents, try to source new ways to retake the game.

Why Are You Not Winning In Paintball?

Gain intel

You need an eagle eye to be a good paintball player. When you are playing poker around professionals, you will be surprised at how quickly they locate you. This is because they keep track of their intel. Learn about the field and find out how much time it takes for a player to reach point A to point B in all scenarios. Having such a vision will benefit you even while receiving the smallest lintels.

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