7 Paintball Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Paintball is an interesting game to play with your friends and does not require you to spend a stack load of money to get the equipment. You can purchase the equipment online with ease and get started with your paintball matches in your backyard or at a paintball arena. These paintball tips are meant for beginners to improve their game.

7 Paintball Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Keep moving

Standing in one place means you are the easiest target to take down. As a paintball player, you should always be moving. At the same time, you must also know how to move around. Once you know how to protect your body using just your movements around the corners, you can defend yourself better.

Right paintball

When you purchase paintballs, try to find the paint that fits your barrel perfectly. If your paintball has no space to move other than moving straight through the barrel, it will dramatically improve your accuracy and speed. Find the right supplier of paintball for your barrel and continue to purchase from the same source unless you change your paintball marker.

Survey the field

Always survey a new paintball location so you can find out some clean angles and covers. You can ask the host to allow you to survey the field before you are ready to start the game. Now you are more prepared to take down your opponents who have no clue where to look and run aimlessly.

Get in shape

You are the easiest target when you are not in shape. Also, paintball requires you to run around. If your body does not permit it, you cannot handle the game. Get yourself in good shape and play with beginners who are on the same level as you in terms of stamina. Get yourself in good shape for the games.

Know your equipment

Learn about the equipment you have for your paintball matches. If you have difficulty running in your suit, you need to make the changes. If your gun does not fire accurately after 60 meters, you should always keep your range. Learn about the limitations of your equipment and adjust yourself to it if you cannot change it.

Do not be the hero

Do not play solo when you have a team to support you. Paintball is about teamwork and strategy. If you try to come forward as a hero, you are not really helping anyone in your team. You can, however, play solo and try to win if you are interested in it. But if you are playing in a team, it is always better to stick to the team.

Aim and shoot

Do you pull the trigger unless you have your gun pointed at the target? Most beginners make the mistake of wasting their bullets when they do not have a right shot. Do not rely on the projectile of your bullets to correct your aim. Learn to aim first and then shoot.

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