Welcome to Arnold Paintball

Create your clan and paint your opponents in the colors for a battle to win the title with your dear ones.

Come Experience an Unforgettable Adventure

You are in for a memorable game of extracting the juices out of the guns of your mighty opponents.

Man Shot

Aim at every man on the other team to get the shot right on the torso to push your points higher on the table at this destination.

Arnot Hill Park

This Green Flag Award-winning park offers a splendid gaming area to shoot your opponents out into the leafy suburbs.

Rubik's Cube in Hand

Solve the cubes to get the colors for your team, and walk out onto the battlefield to win the pride back and a stencil logo.

Indoor and Outdoor Paintball Fields for Guaranteed FUN !

The fields are open for you to explore the entertainment lingering in every corner and trench. If you are here celebrating a birthday se can have special happy birthday yard signs made for you.

There couldn’t be a better way to spend your holidays and weekends than an escape to these colorful battlefields.

Emilio A. Turpin
House Painter Las Vegas

Come Experience an Unforgettable Adventure

1. Doom Paintball

Climb this mountain to fire the colors out into the field for an intense experience like never before.

Vector (8)
Vector (6)

2. Salvo Paintball

Use the extremely versatile paintball guns to play this tactical session organized by the US Army Project Salvo.

3. Montreal Paintball

Slide under the dome to explore the urban environment as you fight the adversaries with small units of colors.

Magic Cases Critical Design Paintball weapon Gun

Get started with your mission with these special guns. Equip yourself with the best ammunition to hit the target.

These are the perfect weapons for the session as they have been designed with detailed precision for close encounters. If you want targets made for home use grab some from apexmetalsigns.com

Haydee Cox

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